Meghann Wright - Nothin' Left To Lose (BTR046)

by Meghann Wright

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VIN I first heard this lady via Daytrotter. So glad to get the opportunity to purchase her CD. Favorite track: Leavin' Cleveland.


released June 30, 2015

All songs (music and lyrics) written by Meghann Wright except “Black Kiss” - Music: Riley McMahon, Lyrics and melody: Meghann Wright.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Black Kiss
Out in the crowd through the dark and the mist
Between the long white lines and the cigarettes
A treacherous man with powerful thirst
For a wicked good time and a girl at her worst

You’re no good but this game I know I can’t win
Taste your lips and you suck me right in
Black Kiss

I know it ain’t right and I know it ain’t love
I know it’s wrong but I can’t enough
Snake in the grass with his teeth in my heart
Damned and devoted to tear me apart

Shakin sweatin I need more and more
Now I’m just a junkie slave to your black kiss

Hurts so good oh oh
Runnin through my veins
I can’t quit and I don’t wanna be saved black kiss

I give in you can send me straight to hell
Now I’m in deep and I can’t catch my breath
Without your smoke I might catch my death
Even if I try to leave you I just poison the next with my black kiss
Track Name: Leavin' Cleveland
One of us has gotta let this go
One last look of me is all you’ll ever know
One way out don’t need another sign to read
Cuz baby this town just ain’t big enough

I’m leaving Cleveland today
I looked hard but couldn’t find another way
You know I love you, I’m so sorry I can’t stay
I got nothing left to bruise
And nothing left to lose

Too strung out to make sense of the road
This heart of mine it bears a broken, heavy load
Behind the streetlights darkness slowly grows
I don’t care where I end up just not in love

Don’t look back
There’s more to love than meets the eye
Stay on track
I’m drivin’ straight on through the night
Wide awake
I won’t sleep till you’re far behind

Baby this town just ain’t big enough

I got nothing left to bruise
And nothing left to lose
And nothing left
Track Name: River
Look what you done
Hands covered in blood
You won’t see the sun
Risin tomorrow baby
Death on your hands
Glistenin in the sand
Don’t beg forgiveness for the
Devil comin soon

Don’t go down to the river baby
Don’t go down to the water’s edge
Don’t go down to the river baby
Ain’t nobody waiting for you there

I hoped against hope
I fought against fights
I shoveled and roped
I cried to the skies
I prayed to the gods
I prayed to the damned
I drowned in the ocean
I drowned in your hands

Sold your wings for a pretty price
Can’t save you now from your wicked lies / life
Got no faith in a dirty soul
No holy water can clean you like fire
Track Name: Vacancy
This old house has seen
Many visitors through the years
Most have come to me
Lonely prisoners to their fears

Runaways and broken queens
Charlatans and highway thieves
Hopin for a place to wait the night

Bloodshot eyes and dirty jeans
Drippin sweat and melted dreams
Beggin for a girl to shine the light

I never meant to leave the light on
Never meant to leave that door unlocked
But you were driving down that highway
And you came and you saw
My vacancy

Time has worn these halls
Blood and whiskey stains, love and sin
You could see it all
But you needed it and you barged in

You pulled in that rusty gate
Heaven knows it sealed my fate
Never should have let your kind walk in

Lock me up and throw away
The key until we end our days
Alone and burn this dead house to the ground
Track Name: Good Manners
It’s my pleasure to ask you over tonight
I’ll light candles and use good manners tonight

I can’t wait
I can’t wait for you

We’ll dress up and use good silver tonight
I’ll tell stories and pour your whiskey tonight

Another moment and I’d be looking at you
Another moment and I’d be home with you

It’s my pleasure to ask forgiveness tonight
Please come over, please come home tonight.
Track Name: Diamonds Blaze
Precious heart hidden deep
Till the world discovers beauty in it
And covets it to keep
Cuts it out from its home
To shape and captivate its prism
So its light can never roam

The world will change you
This life will shape you
Though your heart aches, just remember

Diamonds Shine
Diamonds blaze
When they cut into you,
Know that you are stronger than their blade

When you can’t take the pain and tears
Remember it takes fire to make a stone
That’s stronger than your fears

Diamonds Shine
Diamonds blaze
And I promise you:
This heart of stone will never break.
Track Name: Most Wanted
One dirty boot up on the bar
Legs so long I gotta squint
One dirty look show me whatchya are
Oh Lord gonna make a girl repent

Eyes like an outlaw
Smile just like a thief

Sin must be tasty cuz you’re licking your lips
Must be gun crazy slingin’ them dangerous hips
Make me dizzy, don’t got time to stop and think
Before I go no further I’ma need me a stiff drink

Brooklyn’s most wanted

Girl tell me how can I capture you
May a bullet strike me down before the law takes me away
I gotta lock you up and throw away the key
Track Name: Secrets
I never kept no secrets
From anyone but you
And I don’t know why
I never tried to tell the truth

I never had no teacher
To teach me anything but pain
And I don’t know why
I just can’t learn to love like you

I never had no lover
To touch me anything like you
And I don’t know why
I never learned to fuck like you
Track Name: Sunshine Through The Rain
I can feel it on my fingers
Breathe it into my lungs
Traces of it linger on my tongue

The heaviness, the bitterness
The emptiness it hums
Leaves our faces drawn and worn
Like the end is gonna come

I could sing you the blues
But it wouldn’t seem right
See I got some news
I’ve seen the light

You look like sunshine through the rain
You bring me Pleasure through my pain

And baby you will meet somebody new
But that is alright
Cuz baby I got you all the time
I just look up

And I see my sunshine through the rain
You bring me pleasure through my pain

Sing it in my ears
Track Name: Cocaine - 2014 EP bonus track
I got a bottle of whiskey
Staring me in the face on the table
It is saying please please please
Please drink me all by yourself

I got a group of rowdy girlfriends
Staring me in the face in my doorway
They are yelling please please please
Please come play
Put away your broken heart for another day

Let’s do some muthafuckin cocaine
To help us stay up all night
And run around the town
Find us some new young guns
To get me to come around

So I can forget about you
Cuz I can’t forget about you
So I will get drunk with my friends
Till every cent of our hard-earned
Money it has been spent

On some muthafuckin cocaine
To help us stay up all night
We’ll go down when the sun comes up
Who needs love when you’ve got drugs?

Hey Hey I got a guitar
Staring me in the face, four in the morning
She is saying: drink that whiskey in your cup
Get some help from that good stuff
So I can stay up all night and

Write more songs about you
Cuz I got more songs about you
Than I can write alone tonight
Gonna need some help from
My good friend Old Lady White
I need some motherfucking cocaine
Track Name: Can`t Carry Water - 2014 EP bonus track
As hard as I try with all my might
I cannot count all of the stars in the sky
So I’ll just look up at all the small lights
And wonder at how there’s so many tonight

As hard as I wish I can’t
Touch them or hold them with my bare hands
As hard as I try they’re just like
Water that runs though my fingers and grasp
Water that runs through my fingers and hands

As hard as I try I can’t
I can’t carry water with my bare hands
As hard as I wish with all my might
I can’t make you love me forever tonight

I can’t carry water
I can’t carry you
As hard as I try

As hard as I try my hands
Can’t bring down all of the stars in the sky
To light your way back to be by my side
I can’t make you love me forever tonight
Track Name: Left My Heart In Brooklyn - 2014 EP bonus track
Your face is sunshine baby
I can't bear to see you cry
I'm know I’m leaving you again
To chase those rusty dreams of mine
The clouds keep scrawling out
Those same old tired lines
“Goodbye, I love you darling,
Kiss my lips just one last time”

As my plane begins to taxi,
As your taxi leaves my plane
I am with you in the backseat,
I'll be with you on that train
Smile and wave and bless me as we pull away
I'll be home before you know it
To get the heart I left in Brooklyn In the rain

Oh and when you get home baby
Please promise you won't cry
And I promise I will call and text
And photograph and write
Gotta keep the lifeline open
To reach what I left behind
Keep it safe and warm and dry
Without it I will die
Though it may be sunny here in Sturgeon Bay
A cloud covers my name because
I left my heart in Brooklyn in the rain

Bridges, boundaries, and borderlines
They may make keep me from you
But only for a time
Keep my treasure, my bedroom, those green eyes
Warm and dry while I'm away
And I'll be home before you know it
To get the heart I left in Brooklyn in the rain