1. Something Fatal - The 2009 Acoustic Radio Sessions (BTR066)
    Something Fatal

  2. Crossley Hunter - Live At The Rockpile (04/​05​/​2015) (BTR065)
    Crossley Hunter

  3. Jesse Stewart + Mike Desj - Live At Call The Office (07/02/2020) (BTR064)
    Jesse Stewart + Mike Desj

  4. Elias The Band - The Lisfranc EP (BTR063)
    Elias The Band

  5. Open Hand - Honey (BTR062)
    Open Hand

  6. BLUE - Only Attitude (BTR061)

  7. The Smile Case - Murder Weather (BTR060)
    The Smile Case

  8. Pale Drone - EP + Demo (BTR059)
    Pale Drone

  9. Kill Surf City - Ever Notice How Everything's Stupid (BTR058)
    Kill Surf City

  10. Meghann Wright - California (BTR057)
    Meghann Wright

  11. Open Hand - Loved (BTR056)
    Open Hand

  12. Blacktop Records: 'Don't Give Up' 12 Years Of D.I.Y. (BTR055)

  13. Green Jellÿ - Three Little Pigs: Live Single (BTR054)
    Green Jellÿ

  14. Lisa Loeb - 3,2,1 Let Go (BTR053)
    Lisa Loeb

  15. Andrew Thomson - Live At Apt. 2B (BTR052)
    Andrew Thomson

  16. Open Hand - Live At The Rainbow Bar & Grill 2010 (BTR051)
    Open Hand

  17. White Mystery - That Was Awesome! (BTR050)
    White Mystery

  18. Open Hand - Live at CBGBs 2002 (BTR049)
    Open Hand

  19. MC Lars - The Zombie Dinosaur LP (BTR048)
    MC Lars

  20. Crossley Hunter - Crossley Hunter (BTR047)
    Crossley Hunter

  21. Meghann Wright - Nothin' Left To Lose (BTR046)
    Meghann Wright

  22. Thousand Young - Thousand Young (BTR045)
    Thousand Young

  23. B.A. Johnston - My Heart Is A Blinking Nintendo (BTR044)
    B.A. Johnston

  24. Meghann Wright - Meghann Wright (BTR043)
    Meghann Wright

  25. Trevor James & The Perfect Gentlemen - Huron (BTR042)
    Trevor James & The Perfect Gentlemen

  26. The Smile Case - Angel Beach (BTR041)
    The Smile Case

  27. Humongous - Who Among Us (BTR040)

  28. Wheatus - The Valentine LP (BTR039)

  29. Intimate & Interactive 2013 (BTR038)

  30. Crossley Hunter - Down And Out (BTR037)
    Crossley Hunter

  31. Brent Jackson - From A Reel-Real (BTR036)
    Brent Jackson

  32. Trevor James - From A Bedroom That Is No Longer Mine (BTR035)
    Trevor James

  33. Matthew Sajn - From A Bedroom In East Anglia (BTR034)
    Matthew Sajn

  34. Blacktop Records: Soundtrack (for a good day) (BTR033)

  35. Thousand Young - You Can't Choose Who You Burn Beside (BTR032)
    Thousand Young

  36. Crossley Hunter - Crossley Hunter (BTR031)
    Crossley Hunter

  37. Thousand Young - Thousand Young (BTR030)
    Thousand Young

  38. Open Hand - The Mark Of The Demon (BTR029)
    Open Hand

  39. Guilty About Girls - The Very Best Of... (BTR028)
    Guilty About Girls

  40. The Sitcom - Eisoptrophobia (BTR027)
    The Sitcom

  41. Blacktop Records Summer Shindig Volume 1 (BTR026)

  42. Amnesia Amnesia - The Eating Disease (BTR025)
    Amnesia Amnesia

  43. Brian Byrne - Boots and Blood EP (BTR024)
    Brian Byrne

  44. Foxfight - Foxfight (BTR023)

  45. Wheatus - Pop, Songs and Death: Volume 1 The Lightning EP and Volume 2 The Jupiter EP (BTR022)

  46. Pete Tremblay and the Boozy Truth - Midtempo Madness (BTR021)
    Pete Tremblay and the Boozy Truth

  47. Frankie Mayfield And The Soundbox - Frankie Mayfield And The Soundbox (BTR020)
    Frankie Mayfield And The Soundbox

  48. Blacktop Records Spring Shindig Volume 1 (BTR019)
    Foxfight, Hunters & Anglers, Something Fatal, Ashley Sloggett

  49. Pete Tremblay & the Boozy Truth - Three EPs (BTR018)
    Pete Tremblay and the Boozy Truth

  50. CATonACID - King Rat (BTR017)

  51. Jonah Matranga/Kevin Seconds - Split (BTR016)

  52. Smile Case - Lose Our Heads (BTR015)
    The Smile Case

  53. Something Fatal - Goodnight, Nurse! (BTR014)
    Something Fatal

  54. Ashley Sloggett - The Annum EP (BTR012)
    Ashley Sloggett

  55. Something Fatal - Chicks Dig Scars, Not Problems (BTR011)
    Something Fatal

  56. Frankie Mayfield - Damn, You Created It EP (BTR010)
    Frankie Mayfield

  57. Amnesia Amnesia - Versus The Bear (BTR009)
    Amnesia Amnesia

  58. Elias The Band - Our Sophomore Effort (BTR008)
    Elias The Band

  59. The Campbell Apartment - Insomniac's Almanac (BTR007)
    The Campbell Apartment

  60. Hardcore Warrior - Thunder Under Pressure (BTR006)
    Hardcore Warrior

  61. Jonah Matranga - And (BTR005)
    Jonah Matranga

  62. Growing Down - Your Voice Is My Music (BTR003)
    Growing Down

  63. Elias The Band - Greatest Hits (BTR002)
    Elias The Band

  64. A Walk With Anastasia - A Walk With Anastasia (BTR001)
    A Walk With Anastasia


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