Amnesia Amnesia - Versus The Bear (BTR009)

by Amnesia Amnesia



released December 16, 2008

(c) 2008 BlacktopRecords -



all rights reserved


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Track Name: I've Got A Hangnail, Let's Get A Room At The Ramada!
"Safe" lines my night's sky
Find another place to reach a disagreement
You'll find no hope in this world alone.
Find another way to change all that I'm made of.
Not this life, not this plan.
Break into more of this.
It's more than lost
If you can still remember how it felt.
Break in two, savor it.
Save my soul from your inventive mind,
Shine, like models of saviors,
Like truants who stray from the heart.
Shake in pairs like the angels
Who fail to appreciate your losing art.
Are we just dancing because there's nothing else for us to do?
...break, and do it all again...
Not this man, not this time.
Track Name: The Art Of Chao Shao An
It's too late.
Check yourself out, and never look back.
It's never been more easy...
It's never been more me.
And in case you're still intrigued;
Fake and glossy stares me right down
Bland, and empty like disease.
A lie for a lie makes the world go 'round.
And 'round she'll go, so merrily.
And down she goes, as it all starts spinning
In her vacant mouth.
And it all means nothing.
I'll steal you into my sidelines
And watch you burn away.
In each reflection, see a different side of me.
I'll retreat into my sidelines and burn away
All that we have left.
You'll fake yourself out of my heart,
And there you'll find it. Fake by all design.
Oh, my sweet angel...
What happened to your glow?
I lost it all, for nothing.
You're my greatest victory
But you won't shut up.
You're my greatest charity
But you won't shut up.
Track Name: The Comfort In Sound
Sit down, relax, take a breath, breathe it in.
Tell me, my darling, what could be so troubling?
"I can't find reflection in this place,
'Cause I'm still shaking from the last time I ever felt alive,
and it's more than I can take.
Closed eyes, but far from sleep.
My words may blur, so dare I speak?
Dear, you intrigue me more than ever.
Count me in,
You know I'd love to
... if it wasn't for these walls.
If you're mistaken... For the last time, I've never felt so alive.
Just between you and me, I'd rather lies over deceit.
Just let me fall, I mean this.
Then I'll come back for you and this all never happened.
"I'll follow you to the end of the earth and I swear,
You'll never miss a thing.”
Track Name: Ashley, Feel Better (Or Else!)
Ashley, Feel Better (Or Else)

It's over now, she said.
It rang out like an open chord.
To be, or not to be?
Or as it stands today:
To stay awake, or here with him?
But what she wouldn't do
Just to feel his skin,
And what she wouldn't give
Just to fall in love again.
She walks with such grace as no princess
Or queen could ever create, nor possess.
The moon strikes her face
And she glimmers with pride
As the sunrise takes true love away.
The question still stands:
To be awake, or feel...
To be awake, or fall in...
To be awake, or never, ever...
Track Name: Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Down in the bottom of your life
With cancersticks and beer spilled on your mattress
I only hope you realize soon that
You're not alone, you can always make friends
Imagine and fabricate delicate hands
Comfort yourself with a bottle or two
Something's not right...
‘Think back, further down,
You'll find the dreams you stepped on.
Back, back, down down down.
You'll find what dreams are made of.
So angelic, yet giving me up is all you're good for
Still, nothing says more than this.
I catylise into things you'd never dream of.
Here and now it's like nothing should happen.
I've got it all in my hands.
Light it up and take it out
On the man that taught you patience.
I've got it all in my hands.
Write me off and take me out.
And once again, I find myself alone in all the merriness.